François Chalifour

François Chalifour

Software Engineer building open-source JavaScript libraries.

  1. From feature request to API design

    I describe the process of creating an API based on specific users' needs.

    August 8, 20196 min read
  2. Creating a DocSearch frontend solution

    We create an autocomplete search experience with Algolia to find content in blog posts.

    February 4, 20198 min read
  3. Building a resume with React and Sketch

    I compute my resume's UI based on raw data and render it in Sketch.

    July 2, 20175 min read
  4. Using deep learning to classify objects

    We built a mobile app to help you identify the objects you're looking at.

    January 1, 20177 min read
  5. Reproducing Medium's image zoom

    I create an open-source JavaScript library for zooming images like Medium.

    July 26, 201612 min read
  6. Performance toolkit

    All the theory and tools you need to build a performent website.

    April 2, 201611 min read
  7. You don't need HTML

    Let's code a webpage using only CSS.

    January 31, 20162 min read
  8. Patterns for building console games in C

    I dive into the C programming language to develop an object-oriented game in the terminal.

    January 1, 20157 min read